A reciprocal ethical commitment

In its search for local or international suppliers who share its values, L’Oréal has been keen to set an example. The group has compiled an international ethics guide to help its partners in their day-to-day purchasing decisions.

An international ethics guide

For the 600 professional buyers and 10,000 L'Oréal partners involved in buying decisions, the Purchasing and Ethics Division has compiled a guide with the title « Our Day-to-Day Purchasing ». This document defines the principles incorporated in the Ethics Charter of the Group.

In four chapters, « Purchasing is team work », « Purchasing with integrity », « Purchasing with respect », « Working with suppliers who adhere to L'Oréal's ethical standards », the document addresses all aspects of supplier relations by providing answers to practical questions. As the sole reference document for the entire group, this document is accessible to everyone and has been translated into 14 languages.

L'Oréal, a signatory of the Charter of Inter-Company Relations

In France, under the guidance of the Ministry for the Economy, L'Oréal has signed the « ten undertakings for responsible purchasing charter». This charter embodies the willingness of its signatories to adhere to a number of good purchasing practices, especially with regard to small and medium-sized companies. L'Oréal implements the policies of this charter in France and everywhere else. The guide « Our Day-to-Day Purchasing » is one the means to ensure implementation.

Optis is a global platform for tenders

Optis is an internet platform which simplifies and structures the exchange of data linked to tenders between L'Oréal and its suppliers. By making use of this tool, L'Oréal guarantees the implementation of best purchasing practices and adherence to ethical guidelines and the principle of equality in its relationships with suppliers all over the world. This platform is currently being used by several purchasing divisions and will soon be extended to all activities.