Balanced in its composition and enriched with the diversity of its members, the Board of Directors determines the orientations of the company's activities and monitors their implementation.

The mission of the Board of Directors is to ensure control of the economic and financial management of the group, to validate the strategic directions proposed to the Board by senior management, and to ensure their implementation. It works in a cooperative spirit, with the active support of four committees: the Strategy and Sustainable Development Committee, the Audit Committee, the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee, and the Appointments and Governance Committee. In the Board's deliberations, strategy is regularly examined in depth through the development of brands, countries and markets in which the group is active, but also the commitments made regarding sustainable development. The Board is also very concerned with the major evolutions in Research and Innovation. Missions on line with the challenges of tomorrow.

With a wealth of experience and diversity in its directors, the Board of Directors is very involved in the corporate project that drives L’Oréal, namely universalization and beauty for everyone. It fully assumes its role of validating strategic directions, while opening up new paths for progress with regard to governance.
Jean-Paul AgonChairman and CEO of L’Oréal